Chinese Herbs — Help, please!

Asian supermarkets are my shopping downfall. I always end up with a vast array of exotic delicacies, strange treats and, indeed, mysteries.

On my last visit this box of Chinese herbs called out to me. You WANT me. Stop fighting. You NEED me. I caved.


So here I am, trying to determine which is which. Any help would be much appreciated! The box gives all the Latin names, and Google has provided me with a few English/Chinese names, but I’d like to double-check before I start cooking up a batch of Chinese herbal soup…

Number 1: Fairly sure this is radix codonopsis aka dang shen.

Number 2: Again, fairly sure about this one. Poria/fu ling.

Number 3: Glycyrrhizae/liquorice root/gan cao?

Number 4: radix rehmanniae/rehmannia root/sheng di?

Number 5: Chinese cinnamon (fairly sure again)

Number 6: radix paeoniae lactiflorae/bai shao/white peony root?

Number 7: This one’s got me guessing. I’m thinking rhizoma atractylodis/cang zhu?

Number 8: rhizoma ligustici/chuan xiong?

Number 9: radix angelicae sinensis/dang gui/angelica root?

Number 10: astragalus root/huang qi?

What do you think? Did I get all of them/any of them right?


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