Foreign Flavours – Vietnam: Pho Bo

If I ever decide to officially fall in love with food, Pho Bo may be a perfect match. Good heavens. It takes a considerable amount of time to make (8 hours for the bone broth alone), but the end result makes you forget about that in a heartbeat. YUM.

Behold, my selection of beef bones, flavour injection parcel, yellow rock sugar (First time I got to use some! Yay!), broth (at various stages) and finally, the lovely Pho Bo:

Normally, I’d share the recipe at this point, but the one I found had SO, SO many details and useful tidbits of information, I urge you to have a look yourselves:

Meatlovessalt’s pho bo recipe

If only I got this amount of intel/pointers with every recipe; it would make my culinary journey all the more enjoyable. Brilliant!

Next up: Israel!


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