Mighty Spice Express: Kashmiri Lamb Cutlets with Pineapple & Chilli Salad & Mint & Lime Raita

Before & After: This was my first time ever reading about, let alone using, kashmiri peppers, so I was very excited about this recipe. And slightly disappointed. Not due to the peppers, though.

That pineapple & chilli salad had one thing going against it: too many weird combos. This part of the recipe  called for pineapple, cherry tomatoes, black olives, bean sprouts, grated carrot, mint and lime juice. Flavourwise, I fail to understand the need for those olives. Texturewise, the bean sprouts made the whole thing… odd. Not too ecstatic about the pineapple-tomato combo either.

The lamb cutlets themselves were pretty tasty and welcomed the mellowy coolness of the raita. The recipe called for chapatis, which I can’t seem to track down, so I heated up some naan for Mrs Pomegranate (I can’t have naan anymore — thanks a lot, lactose allergy. I know, I know, there are recipes for dairy-free naan as well, but I didn’t feel like baking today).

Mrs Pomegranate wasn’t at all bothered by all of the above.:p

Mrs Pomegranate’s verdict: 5/5

5 penguin rating

Herr Volt’s verdict: 3.5/5 (cutlets and raita were OK, but that salad…)

3.5 penguin rating



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