Mighty Spice Express: Phuket Snapper with Hoisin Noodles & Herb Salad

IMG_7480 (Small)

Before & After: Obtaining whole red snappers was far too difficult (and expensive), so I used snapper steaks instead. We both loved the noodles. I liked the salad, Mrs Pomegranate didn’t.

She hated the fish. Not just because of the abundance of fish bones (Mrs P. is quite fussy when it comes to bones of any kind), but also because she got the most bitter bits. The papillote didn’t work. We got none of the lime or ginger and the lemongrass turned a horrible bitter inside the parcel, rendering some tiny bits of fish inedible. The Worcestershire sauce, again, was lost entirely. Thank heavens for the S&P on top of that snapper!

Mrs Pomegranate’s verdict: 2/5 (“Too bitter. (fish) – Too sour/gingery. (salad))

2 penguin rating

Herr Volt’s verdict: 3/5

3.5 penguin rating



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