Mighty Spice Express: Mr Wong’s Hunan Lamb

Before & After: Aaaah, lamb cutlets. Oui, merci! Mr Wong’s Hunan Lamb cutlets? Ehm. Maybe. Lots of maybes with this recipe, in fact. Maybe our grill isn’t up to standard, resulting in a spice paste that wasn’t quite as “grilled” as it should have been. Maybe our oranges are sub-par, resulting in no orange taste whatsoever. Maybe my wife and I are just big eaters. Still, 200g of pak choi for two people?

Mrs Pomegranate’s verdict: 3.5/5

3.5 penguin rating

Herr Volt’s verict: 2.5/5 – I’m less forgiving…

2.5 penguin rating

… but willing to give them another try with a griddle. Maybe.

Or try them out yourself! [Recipe here]


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