Mighty Spice Express: Cochin Crab Cakes

IMG_7241 (Small)

(Find original recipe here.)

Before, during & after: Having restocked on kaffir lime leaves earlier in the day, I was thrilled to bits about being able to use some straight away. And boy, did they deliver. I find lime leaves are easily overpowered by other flavours (particularly in curries or stews). Not so with these crab cakes, though. A brilliant hit of lime.

I was slightly worried about the coriander leaves (there are very few fresh herbs I don’t fancy, but coriander’s one of them. The seeds I don’t mind, but the leaves… meh.), but didn’t taste them, to be honest. My “handful” may have been on the small side, to be honest. Whoops. Guilty as charged.

The only problem was this:

IMG_7238 (Small)


I did substitute fresh breadcrumbs with panko; maybe I should have used more. Who knows. The taste was excellent, mind you. Be sure to try these out and let me know how you fare!

Mrs Pomegranate’s verdict: 4/5

4 penguin rating

Herr Volt’s verdict: 3.5/5 (mainly due to the texture fiasco; probably my own fault, but I’m blaming you, John. Sorry. :p)

3.5 penguin rating


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